Rhapsody Resort Policies


Welcome to the Rhapsody Resort property policies page.

We are dedicated to delivering a 4.5 star holiday experience to all our guests, please follow this page so you can be up to date with projects happening in and around the Rhapsody Resort, Surfers Paradise & surrounding areas

rhapsody schoolies policy

The annual School Leavers (Schoolies) Festival takes place during the last two weeks of November. Rhapsody Resort is not an affiliated Schoolies Resort and should not be affected as Rhapsody Resort are not accepting any reservations from guests under 21 years. The property has the right to refuse any booking or evict any persons between the Schoolies age range of 16-21 years.

Rhapsody Resort has the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be here for the Schoolies festival or not abiding by our No Party Policy, agreed to at the time of booking. The property does not have any policies, procedures, or resources in place to accommodate the unique needs of school graduates during the annual "Schoolies Weeks". It does not have adequate resources to engage qualified security personnel to gurantee the safety, comfort and convenience of school graduate guests during this period.


Rhapsody Resort is a strictly non smoking building including Rhapsody Resort apartments, balconies, car parks, fire escapes and resort common areas.

  • Smoking in rooms is strictly prohibited including balcony areas. Any person found doing so will be immediately fined $500. Failure to pay the fine will result in immediate eviction. A second occurrence will also result in an immediate eviction. 
  • Should a room be deemed unusable after you have vacated due to smoking you will be liable for any lost revenue incurred (A charge of one room night at sellable rate for each night the room is unusable)
  • Registered guests may be charged for additional cleaning and damage charges resulting from smoking

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to welcoming you to Rhapsody Resort